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      Sande is so great with Cavan and how to handle any difficulties that may arise during sessions. She works with him on difficult tasks but also has praise when he does a good job. WE have been coming for about a year and the overall progress has been great for his confidence and skills. Cavan always looks forward to his time with Sande.

      Parent November 30, 2017

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      Since seeing Sande, my 4.5 year old son has learned to dress himself, use a spoon, and ride a bike! These are all things that he struggled with, due to motor planning issues. He is also more open to trying new foods, and his speech has become much more conversational with longer sentences and insightful questions. Sande really cares about her clients and has been a great member of out sons "Team."

      Parent October 19, 2017

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      Sande Rutstein is lovely and has really helped my daughter with non-spectrum sensory processing issues. She was affordable for out-of-pocket assessment and treatment. She works with parents very well around scheduling and meeting children's needs. My daughter has learned several self-calming techniques and how to cope in challenging situations. We are grateful for everyone at New Directions for Kids!

      Mary Lou Aggett October 9, 2017

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      Since starting Occupational Therapy Hunter is now tolerating his feet getting wet and sandy at the beach and is much more confident riding his bike and climbing on play structures at the park

      Parent, Brianna Beech August 25, 2017

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      Sande, I just want to express how grateful I am for everything I have learned at New Directions for Kids. I thought the most appropriate way to do that was through a handmade care like the one we made so many times with the kids! Both you and these incredible kiddos have shown me the kind of person I wish to be and this experience has validated my choice to become an Occupational Therapist . Thank you again for being such a valuable mentor and teacher. I will be sure to keep in touch!

      Warmly, Jessica Avalos.

      Student intern June 18, 2017

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      Sande's work with my son week in and out has resulted in an amazing transformation for him this past year. He was completely shut down when he met Sande and through Sande's nurturing and dedication to children and her occupation, he has developed a beautiful and trusting relationship with her. This has allowed him to explore more, take some risks, and grow in ways I expected that would take years to get to. After a few unpleasant OT experiences, I am so thrilled we came to Sande and have no reservations about our 30 minute commute to her.

      Michelle Ludwig May 22, 2015

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      Sande Rutstein, with New Directions for Kids, has made a huge difference in my daughter’s life, and consequently, a huge difference for our whole family. Through one-on-one occupational therapy, as well as group therapy with other children, my daughter has made great gains in her development of motor skills, confidence, self-awareness, sensory integration, and social skills. Sande’s extensive experience is paired with an intuitive understanding of her clients’ needs, and her deep and genuine love for children allows her to provide supportive, compassionate care while offering challenges to help foster growth. The office at New Directions is a safe, enriching environment where children are encouraged to learn and explore. Every week Sande brings out fresh and exciting equipment, and plans new targeted activities. It can be hard work for a child to stretch his or her limits, but Sande makes it so fun that kids are eager to go back again and again. It takes a unique approach to build trust with a child while encouraging them to reach their full potential. Sande truly has that gift!

      New Directions Client January 14, 2015

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      We are so happy to have someone who wants our child to succeed as much as we do. In just one year our son has become far more functional and confident in what he does, but the best part is the smile on his face. When considering occupational therapists it's hard to know where to start and what to do. Sande has been so helpful and knowledgeable with many connections to the community and other specialists. She has really helped us through this journey of "growing" a beautiful child. We can not express our gratitude enough for all that Sande and New Directions for Kids has done for our son and us.

      Shari & Eric Gjerdrum, parents October 22, 2014

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