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      Asperger Experts
      Created by Danny Raede & Hayden Mears, both diagnosed with Asperger’s themselves, Asperger Experts is designed to show you how to best assist people with Asperger’s to achieve their highest potential in life.

      Sensational Kids – Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

      by Lucy Jane Miller (Author) and Doris A. Fuller (contributor)
      This book is made interesting through vibrant stories of children and their families. This includes descriptions that clarify Sensory Processing Disorder.


      Meghan’s World
      by Diane Renna
      This is the true story written by her mother of how Meghan overcame her Sensory Processing Disorder. It is for children diagnosed with Autism, PDD, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, and other social and learning disabilities.


      Raising a Sensory Smart Child
      by Lindsy Biel and Nancy Peske
      This book is co-authored by an occupational therapist and a parent with a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. It gives parents several practical solutions for self-care, socialization and sleeping.


      The Out of Sync Child
      by Carol Stock Kranowitz
      This is a parent friendly book clearly written to explain Sensory Processing Dysfunction from the perspective of a teacher. It is a great handbook to help parents and caregivers cope with their child’s sensory processing disorder.


      Sensory Secrets
      by Catherine Chemin Schneider O. T. R.
      How to jump start learning in children. This has valuable information to help have a better understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder. It also describes how the senses develop, and foundational skills are necessary for growing, learning, decision-making and communication.


      Arnie and His School Tools
      by Jennifer Veenendell
      A book that helps others walk a mile in the shoes of a child with Sensory Processing difficulties.


      Sensory Smarts
      by Kathleen A. Chara and Paul J. Dhara with Christian Chara
      A book for kids with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders struggling with Sensory Integration problems.


      Building Bridges
      by Ellen Yack, Paula Aquilla and Shirley Sutton
      This book gives concise information to caretakers and teachers with practical solution-based strategies.


      The Goodenoughs Get in Sync
      by Carol Kranowitz
      A chapter book for 8-12 year old, tells a charming story about five family members who each have a different sensory processing challenge.


      Everyday Blessings
      by Myla and Jon Kabat Zinn
      A powerful guide for parents with a mindful and new way of looking at healing relationships between parent and child.


      Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals
      by Angie Voss, OTR  2nd edition


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