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      New Directions for Kids uses a hands-on heart-centered approach to provide comprehensive Occupational Therapy programs and services for children with learning challenges, developmental delays and processing disorders.

      Services offered:

      gold star-sm Screening/Evaluation/Assessment
      gold star-sm Occupational Therapy Services for Individuals and Groups
      gold star-sm Early Intervention (0-3years)
      gold star-sm Education /Training for Family, Caregivers and Teachers
      gold star-sm Consultations
      gold star-sm Presentations
      gold star-sm Home, School and Agency Program development
      gold star-sm Referrals

      We work with children of all ages to help them gain skills to function more optimally in daily childhood activities or their “occupations” of self-care, school and play. This may include but is not limited to climbing, jumping, balance activities, playing with textured-type materials, performing dressing, light hygiene, self-feeding and improving hand skills for handwriting and functional activities.


      Through active exploration and play in an atmosphere of safety, optimism and respect, we help build the cognitive, motor and social skills children need to become confident and successful learners. We have fun while we learn!


      We collaborate and work closely with the entire family and caregivers to provide the necessary education and tools so that parents can better understand and support their child’s development. When Home Programs especially designed for each child are supported with consistency and follow through by families and/or caregivers, children seem to make the most progress.

      Who benefits from this service?

      Children ages 0-18 years of age who experience any of the following sensory processing issues:

      gold star-sm Short attention span/easily distracted
      gold star-sm Fears or avoids movement
      gold star-sm Physically clumsy, poor balance and/or coordination
      gold star-sm Overly sensitive to touch, movement, sights, sounds
      gold star-sm Avoids physical contact or certain “textures”
      gold star-sm Activity level that is unusually high or low
      gold star-sm Difficulty making transitions
      gold star-sm Academic delays or handwriting difficulties
      gold star-sm Challenges with socialization skills/poor self-concept

      While many children who receive Occupational Therapy do not have a medical diagnosis, some children who receive services may have the following diagnoses:

      gold star-sm Adopted Children with Delays
      gold star-sm Anxiety/Depression
      gold star-sm Attention Deficit Disorder
      gold star-sm Auditory Processing Disorders
      gold star-sm Autism Spectrum Disorders
      gold star-sm Cerebral Palsy
      gold star-sm Developmental Delays/Learning Disabilities
      gold star-sm Downs Syndrome/Physical and Genetic Disorders
      gold star-sm Psychosocial Issues
      gold star-sm Sensory Processing Disorder/Sensory Integration Dysfunction

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